Tree Trimming

When tree branches get too big and long enough causing the entire growth of the tree, they can create a big mess with the fallen leaves on the ground. It’s not easy to handle all to trim it yourself unless you have experience of long years and expertise.In case of an emergency such as plenty of collective plants and to prevent the fire hazard, we can remove any tree debris and provide you the best tree care services.

Cabling and Bracing

To reduce stress damage from the high winds or from the weight of snow and leaves our tree cabling and bracing services is helpful in an installation of cables & braces to strengthen weak branches or limbs to better withstand the severe weather and get longevity by reducing potential risk.Our goal is to help strengthen weak limbs or branches so they can better withstand severe weather improving their condition and life of a tree.


We can help you keep all your tree care needs and assist you in tree maintenance plan from low cost, risk down and keep your trees healthy. Severe weather and natural calamities like rain, high wind or imbalance can cause a fall of tree or limb causing damage to your property. As weather and natural calamities cause tree damage, we are here to assist you with the best way to maintain tree from damage.


Planting tree has a sure benefit to you and your property where planting trees can keep yards cool and acts as natural respirators giving you fresh oxygen. Planting trees also benefit in enhancing the curb appeals and property value.South west trees experts can successfully process the transplanting tree for landscaping, land reclamation and for forestry purpose.

Root Removal

Tree root removal becomes essential when a tree root surfaces through the lawn or outer space causing cracks in sidewalk or driveway. We offer a complete root removal service depending on the species and size of the tree. Our root removal service is a safe and effective way removing stumps and troublesome roots.

Stump Removal

The stump is the unwanted obstacle which you may need to remove after the cutting of the tree. Our stump removal service can remove and grind the stump with our specialized equipment that is of a high-quality machine and powered stump grinding equipment. The stump grinder quickly spins its wheels and remove the stump with ease and makes your space cleaner.



woman-face-3Thank you very much for thoroughly clean up and trimming up the trees. The crew were hardworking and professionally experienced and did work effectively. I would highly recommend South West Tree Experts and call them whenever i need any tree services.

They did a great job indeed for trimming my 3 trees of my backyard. They were fast, efficient and reliable. Also, they responded my inquiry quickly!

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